DOJ ROOMS 6139 & 2749

LOCATION: Washington, DC
BUDGET: $886,942
Design Build. Extended conference room 6139; removed two offices to double the space for conference room 6139; added a movable partition to separate conference room 6139 into two conference rooms; installed Audio Visual Equipment that included four 52″ TVs, two projectors and screens, touch screen graphic eye system, 12 speakers and microphone; added four Fan Coil Units; installed three STC 45 rating wood doors; patch and painted drywall, redesigned sprinkler system to meet the fire code; installed new carpet throughout the conference room along with wood chair rail and wood base, installed vinyl floor with vinyl base in the new closet.
Rooms 2749, 2748, 2746, 2744 РDesign/Build a SCIF room for NSD Рremoved three existing walls and installed three new walls to meet the rating of STC 50, installed new drop ceiling, new STC 50 metal door with a Kaba-Mas X-09 LKM 7000  with a key override to the main entranced of the SCIF; installed security film to meet IR/RF specs; installed sound masking systems; installed 3-phase power line filters to all incoming lines coming into the SCIF; grounded all conduits going through the SCIF wall; enclosed two offices to meet the STC 50 Rating; installed a new fire alarm systems within the SCIF